Thursday, April 12, 2012

Product Review - Eucerin Calming Body Wash & Calming Creme

My little girl has very sensitive, very dry skin, and a slight amount of eczema in a couple places on her legs and feet. We have a prescription of topical cream from the doctor, but unless a spot is really bad or bothering her, I don't like to use it, some ingredients and side effects are a little scary.

Her skin is the worst in the dry winter months, of course. I had tried all sorts of lotions on her before this, and none really cleared up her skin. It moisturized a bit, and her skin was less dry/ashy, but it didn't take care of the eczema flare ups, or last too long. I felt so bad for my sweet girl, always being so itchy, and itching to the point of breaking her skin. I was determined to find something to help her.

I remembered when she was tiny, we used this:

and it helped immensely. However, it was more of an ointment versus a lotion or cream, and very greasy. It never really absorbed into the skin. I have many baby pictures of my girl with a very shiny forehead. :) I didn't want to go down this road again, but remembering the Eucerin/Aquaphor worked well, decided to check out some of their other products.

I went in looking for lotion initially, but when I saw the Calming Body Wash, a lightbulb went out. Normal soap made her skin worse, so we always used organic California Baby body wash. But starting a bath/lotion routine would be even better for her skin! So I picked up a bottle of the body wash, as well as the Calming Creme. They were both around $8 per bottle. 

At bathtime that night, I soaped her up with the body wash. After bath, dried her skin slightly (until she wasn't dripping, basically) and slathered her with the lotion. I then put her in one piece 100% cotton jammies, so she couldn't get under her shirt and scratch her belly while she was sleeping. I think it also helped the lotion absorb better, or something...kind of like when you massage and lotion your hands (or feet) and then put on cotton gloves (or socks). The next morning, she woke up and her skin was soo soft. Not dry and scaly. It looked much better, and she said it didn't itch anymore. We repeated the bath/lotion for the next 2 nights, 3 nights total and her skin was completely healed, soft, smooth, and best of all, no itchies!! 

I was truly amazed after using these products, and so glad I purchased them. They have helped her so much. It is important for us to keep on top of this, because I realized after it had "fixed" her skin so wonderfully, it didn't last forever without at least putting on the lotion everyday. The only downside to this routine is the smell of the body wash. It claims to be "unscented" on the bottle, which means there is no man made perfumed scent added, however, it does not smell very pleasant at all. The good thing is the "no scent" scent doesn't cling to the skin, and I can't smell it on her afterwards. The Calming Creme does not have a scent either. 

All in all, this is the only way to go to keep my little lady's sensitive skin comfortable, moisturized and under control. 

*I was not compensated in any way for this review, I just love the stuff and wanted to share!*

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